Quebracho Tree Aromatic Woodchips

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Add flavour to your food with these aromatic woodchips and let the smoke’s magic do the rest. A master’s touch that will take your BBQs to another level.

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The QUEBRACHO TREE woodchip’s smoke will remind you of hot spices and hints of caramel. It’s very balsamic and aromatic.

0.6dm³ packet of orange tree woodchips.

The directions of use are very simple; the woodchips must be moistened for about 20 minutes before use and must be placed directly on the charcoal or in a smoker, so that the smoke coats the food.

Perfect combination with: lamb, beef, pork, game meat, rye and spelt or stews. Recommended to smoke some types of bread, like rye or spelt.

Advice: Legua’s mix of woodchips provides a range of unique flavours to create an exquisite combination to suit you. Indicated to give a master’s and magical touch to charcoal and gas barbecues and can also be used for conventional ovens.


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