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We stock and sell African Braai Wood / BBQ Wood for BBQ’s/Braai’s, Pizza Ovens, Wood Stoves, Burners & More.


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We supply to shops, butchers, wholesalers and online retailers. We take pride in our products and service and we continue to receive excellent feedback from customers about the quality and quantity of the wood.
What Is Braai Wood?

The word braai (plural braais) is Afrikaans for a barbeque or a grill and is a social occasion and custom in South Africa and some other countries in Africa, including, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. The term originally came from Afrikaans-speaking people but has since been adopted by South Africans of many ethnic backgrounds.

The word has been adopted by English-speaking South Africans and can be regarded as another word for barbeque, in that it serves as a verb when describing how food cooks and a noun when describing the cooking equipment, like a grill. The traditions around a braai are considerably different from a barbeque, though the method of food preparation is very similar.

There is a renewed interest in the use of wood.

Braai Tools

We’ve got great accessories to meet all your Braai BBQ’s needs.

Braai BBQ’s

We offer a collection of Braai BBQ’s, great to go to with your Braai Wood.

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Braaiwood UK is based in Ascot, Berkshire. I've been importing and supplying braai wood / firewood since 2013.


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