Rotisserie for Saffa Stainless Steel Patio Braai

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Rotisserie for Saffa Stainless Steel Patio Braai

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This is a stainless steel rotisserie kit with skewer made from 8mm high grade stainless and 2 stainless forks.

The skewer measures approximately 41 inches in length (depending on your selection) and is in one full section (no join in the middle). This allows for a heavier load up to a maximum balanced weight of 10kg. You will also receive a counter balance which assists in getting the skewer balanced with an even weight all round.

It comes with 2 (black) universal brackets 2 affix to your BBQ and a rotating ring to allow the square skewer to comfortably rotate on the circular bracket. A packet of nuts and bolts are also included.

Electric motor is stainless steel.


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